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Wood Staining

Wood Staining is the ideal service to brighten and enhance your interior wood fixtures. Wood staining is an important process for protecting your wood from moisture exposure, insects, and physical damage. This process can also add color and gloss to your wood fixtures taking them from bland to grand.

Wood Staining

Wood staining can be done to many fixtures such as: trim, banisters, railing, window frames, door frames, and paneling. Wood staining can give your wood fixtures many different qualities and appearances. It can be used to accentuate the woods natural appearance and grain or can be used to mask these features. Staining can also be used to alter the color of wood fixtures; red and brown pigments are commonly used in these stains.

Modern stains have a bit more color variety and can be found in almost any color from red to green to black.

Once stained, these wood fixtures will need to be sealed with a lacquer or polyurethane coating to lock in the color and lock out moisture and other harmful components. Wood stains can quickly turn your plain or worn out wood fixtures into gorgeous and deep colored wood that will make a powerful statement to all that enter your home.

AAA Group Contractors are the skilled professionals to handle your next wood staining project. Our highly qualified team can have your old wood fixtures refinished, stained, and sealed in no time.