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Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal is necessary for many homeowners who have wallpaper and wish to have paint or specialty finishes applied to their walls. Removing wallpaper can be a daunting and difficult task with a good deal of mess and work. AAA Group Contractors can make this task easy for you and can replace your wallpapers with custom paint and finishes.

Wallpaper Removal

There are several different ways AAA Group Contractors can remove wallpaper, each with its own benefits. If you have a strippable wallpaper this process will generally be quick and easy, as these wallpapers readily come off the wall when scrapped from bellow. These wallpapers, however, occasionally leave a residue and some paper fragments and may need some preliminary sanding and finishing before paint or decorative finishes can be applied.

If your walls are covered by non-strippable wallpaper, there are several specific techniques that can be used to remove these wallpapers. Chemical soaking is one of these methods and is arguably the best and most thorough. This method uses an enzyme that when added to hot water and applied to the wallpaper, soaks into the paper and dissolves the glue holding it to the wall. While this is a very effective method of removal, it takes a good deal more time than the other methods because the enzyme must soak into the paper before it begins to take effect.

The final method of removal is the steaming technique, which is often used along with a scrapping process for heavy vinyl coated paper.

This process is ideal for older plaster walls or pre-coated sheet rock walls, but can damage wallboards from the prolonged exposure to steam. Whatever wallpaper types cover your walls trust the experts at AAA Group Contractors to properly remove them without damaging your walls.