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AAA Group Contractors offers a diverse selection of remodeling services perfect for your next remodeling project.

Total Rehab

Total Rehab or home renovation work can be the single most difficult process for a homeowner. Many are not prepared or qualified to accomplish this gargantuan task. The first step in the total rehab process is to assess the work that needs to be done and compare the planned repairs to the other homes in the area. While this comparison is not really necessary for interior renovation, it is extremely important for exterior renovation, and helps maintain conformity in your home’s exterior appearance when compared to the surrounding homes.

Home Renovation

Exterior renovations are generally easier than interior renovations. Many home exteriors may just need some landscape improvement and some fresh paint. A new exterior paint scheme can go a long way when rehabbing a home’s exterior giving your rehab that much desired “curb appeal”.

Interior renovations can be divided into to three sub categories: kitchen, bathroom and living spaces. Kitchens are the most costly, followed by bathrooms and living areas. Kitchens often require new cabinets, sinks, floors, and most appliances which are often where the high cost is found.

Bathrooms can be a simple if there is no damage to fixtures; they become expensive when replacement of sinks, floors, and bathtubs is required. Living areas typically require painting, wall repairs and carpet replacement are generally all that need to done.

AAA Group Contractors has a professional and qualified team that is capable of handling any rehab work that you may need.