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Tile Installation

Tile flooring can create a dramatic look with varying configurations and materials. Tile Installation requires proper planning and materials for the desired result. Spacing and grouting must be consistent for an even, flat form. Tile Installation is a relatively simple process that can easily go awry.

Tile Installation

It requires a great deal of planning, concentration and finesse. Cutting and placing tile is the most difficult parts of tile installation. Cutting requires a special tile saw, placing requires experience and a good plan for the overall layout or tile pattern.

Before any new flooring can be laid, the existing flooring must be removed. Once the floor covering is removed and only the subfloor remains, a layer of mortar or cement backing board is applied over adhesive tape or felt backing.

Finally, Thinset (a tile adhesive) is applied and the tile may be put into place. This can be very difficult for uneven rooms and floors and if not placed properly the tile will not hold up to everyday traffic and spills. When the all tile has been laid out, the grout must be applied to fill the gaps between the tiles. Grout must be applied properly so that the tile is not covered or obscured and the grout is just below the tile surface to prevent cracking and flaking. When properly installed, a tile floor can last a life time and withstand traffic, spills, and impact.

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