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AAA Group Contractors offers a wide variety of customized Interior paint and finish options designed to suite any palette or style

Texture Paint

Texture Paint is a relatively new type of paint that incorporates interwoven fibers for increased durability and strength. Due to the thick nature of this paint, it is ideal for covering imperfections and uneven walls.

Though many people may not know this paint by name, most have seen it as the iconic “popcorn” finish found on many residential ceilings. Texture paint, however, has many more textures and uses. It can be used on any wall to provide you with a variety of unique and interesting textures and looks. Texture paints tend to be more expensive than regular paint, but are well worth it when compared to the time, money, and effort involved in plaster texturing and painting. These paints are also more durable than plaster finishes and have more chipping and cracking resistance.

Texture Paint Example

Texture paints can also provide you with many textures that aren’t available in plaster and faux finishes. They come in a wide array of textures and colors such as: Orange peel, Sandstone, Spanish drag (a plaster style texture), Venetian plaster, Popcorn (commonly used on ceilings), and Leather.

There are also many more textures available, though these are some of the more commonly used ones. AAA Group Contractors’ skilled and professional team is the ideal choice for your all texture paint needs.