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AAA Group Contractors Inc. provides storefront services to enhance the appearance and functionality of a commercial storefront. Storefronts should look aesthetically pleasing to appeal to customers but they should also be secure and architecturally sound. Our storefront services include glass glazing services, installation of security and bulletproof glass, tenant improvements, consultations, and framing and glass for structural walls and doors.

Stores that have storefronts constructed mostly of glass typically benefit from glass glazing and different types of security glass to provide insulation and protection. Common glass types used for store fronts are tempered and laminated glass. Both these glass types are more heat resistant than normal glass and they are much stronger because of how they balance internal stresses. These types of glass are also used as a component of bulletproof glass which provides an even stronger barrier of protection. Storefront glass is usually glazed to help with temperature control and insulation. Glazed glass helps retain collected heat which in turn can lower heating costs.

Stores at new construction sites require new architectural designs for their storefronts and AAA Group Contractors Inc. can help design and install doors, windows, and frames for new storefronts. The frames that form the design of the storefront should be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. They can be made of many types of materials including wood, metal, or aluminum which can be painted any color to match the color scheme of the rest of the building. We also provide tenant improvements for new storefront owners that want to change the appearance or design of their storefront to better serve their business purposes. Tenant improvement services include improving the existing structure with new glass and frames as well as modifying the existing structure by moving or adding doors or other features.

The design of a storefront has many possibilities and the contractors at AAA Group Contractors offer consultations to help their clients decide on a design and material for their storefront. It is important for storefronts to display a level of aesthetics to be more appealing to customers but they should also provide protection and insulation for the store. Like all commercial applications, storefronts can face demanding conditions and should be designed and built to handle such conditions. Call AAA Group Contractors Inc. for more information about our storefront services.