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AAA Group Contractors offers a wide variety of customized Interior paint and finish options designed to suite any palette or style

Scene Painting

Scene painting is a wall painting technique similar to our fine wall paintings. Using a technique known as trompe l' oeil, which translates to "trick the eye", these paintings capture a landscape or subject on a wall and create the illusion of its reality. These paintings can cover an entire wall, or several walls, and can also be scaled to cover a specific area of a wall.

Scene Painting

Scene paintings are essentially an optical illusion. These illusion paintings trick the eye into perceiving depth and height by using three dimensional style and visual perspective effects. Examples of trompe l' oeil can be traced back to Antiquity, although the technique was not perfected until the Renaissance when perspective was developed. The artist William Harnett (1848-1892) is widely known for his expert use of this technique.

These paintings can create a scene in your home that appears to occupy the same space as the room it is in. Scene paintings often appear to be an extension of a space or a window to a very realistic scene outside the space.

AAA Group Contractors are skilled and professional painters that can create the illusion of your dreams on the wall(s) of your home. Scene paintings are unique and can be incorporated into any space or interior architecture. These intriguing and beautiful paintings can help you add a touch of style and depth to any space in your home.