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Residential Roofing

AAA Group Contractors Inc. provides complete roofing services for newly constructed homes. Roofs are a very important part of any home and they serve several crucial purposes that contribute to the integrity of a home. They form a protective barrier over a home that protects it from the weather and water and insulates it from noise, extreme temperatures, and foreign debris. AAA Group Contractors understands the importance of a functional roof so we build our roofing systems from the finest materials available from the rafters to the shingles.

A newly constructed roof begins with rafters that are wooden beams laid out over the top of the home to form the structure of the roof. The rafters are attached to wall plates at the top of the walls and meet at the ridge of the roof referred to as the horizontal ridge plate or ridge beam. The rafters may be supported by vertically set purlin beams fixed under the rafters and the horizontally set purlins in between the rafters are meant to support the roof covering. This roof structure can be further strengthened with ceiling joists that run horizontally from the rafters across to the bottom of the rafters on the other side. This beam prevents the weight of the roof from separating the walls away from each other.

The rafters, purlin beams, and ceiling joists form the foundational structure of the roof and support the roof covering. A roof covering consists of two main components; insulation and an outer layer usually made up of shingles. Roofing insulation is installed right on top of the rafters and can be made from several different materials such as plastic or metal sheeting, synthetic foam, or recycled paper products. The outer layer of the roof is installed directly over the insulation and generally consists of shingles that can be made from wood, slate, asbestos-cement, asphalt, or ceramic materials such as tiles.

AAA Group Contractors Inc. has contractors that are professionally licensed to build these roofing systems and we can also offer our guidance on choosing the right materials to build a sound roof. Call AAA Group Contractors to discuss new construction roofing options if you are having a new house built.