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AAA Group Contractors offers a wide variety of customized Interior paint and finish options designed to suite any palette or style

MultiSpec Paint

MultiSpec Paint is a relatively new type of paint that creates a unique texture and look. This paint has many individual flecks of different colors suspended in it and can mimic the look of materials like: granite, cork, and Stone.

MultiSpec paint uses flecks of several different colors that are in constant suspension to create an even and uniform distribution when dry. This paint is often used to cover the interior surface of pools, giving the pool a natural looking finish.

Multispec Paint

MultiSpec paint can also be used on interior walls. When used inside, these paints can mimic surfaces already existing in the home. They are commonly used as a backslash in kitchens, mimicking existing granite counters on the wall.

They can also be used to cover existing laminate counters to give the appearance of expensive granite counters. These paints can be used on basement and garage floors as well giving a luxurious look to these otherwise bland surfaces. MutiSpec paint offers a wide variety of colors and flawlessly mimics many types of materials to give you the look of your choice. This paint is heavy duty and extremely durable, giving you a unique and lasting look that can take a lot of abuse.

AAA Group Contractors are experienced and skilled in the application of MultiSpec paint and can work with you to choose and apply the perfect MultiSpec paint for your needs.