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We guarantee the work we perform to be of the highest quality craftsmanship and we will complete the job to the full obligation of the contract.

Hail Damage

In the Chicago area, we are prone to many types of inclement weather conditions, but none are more damaging to homes and buildings than hailstorms. Hail chunks can vary in size ranging from that of a golf ball to that of a softball and often fall without much warning. These chunks can put holes and dents in the siding and roof of a building, leading to further structural damage. AAA Group Contractors Inc. is a local contractor that can repair structural damage caused by hail. Our contractors are licensed to perform roofing services and can replace damaged parts of a roof and siding.

Home and business owners whose properties have suffered hail damage should beware of “storm chaser” contractors that move into storm battered areas and try to sell contracts that generally include homeowners giving these contractors the right to control their insurance settlement. These companies also vacate the area after performing their work, making it impossible for homeowners to get them to follow up on their warranties. AAA Group Contractors guarantees the work of our contractors and promises quality craftsmanship and a fair contract. Call us if your home or business has suffered hail damage.