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AAA Group Contractors offers an extensive selection of Exterior painting and finishing options tailor to suite your needs.

Fence power Washing, Staining, and Painting

Fence power washing, staining, and painting are the ideal services to get your fence looking its best without costly replacement. As with any structure, weathering and water eventually take their toll. If dirt and grime are the only problems with your fence a thorough fence cleaning may be all that is needed.

Fence power washing

Vinyl fences are very durable and very rarely need refinishing, however, an annual or bi-annual power washing will help keep your fence clean and will go a long way for extending its life and durability.

Wood fences aren’t as durable but with proper care can last just as long. Power washing these fences will help extend the life of wood fences. Once power washed, wood fences may require refinishing; to help protect them from the elements. Staining will help add new color to natural wood fences and give them a new fresh appearance.

Once stained a clear coat will need to be applied to help lock in color and lock out the elements. Wood fences may be painted instead of stained; painting is usually done to mask the wood grain and give the wood a solid even color. Painting can be done to match a home’s exterior, accent its trim, or match a custom color.

Regardless of your fence cleaning or refinishing needs AAA Group Contractors is the qualified, professional of choice.