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AAA Group Contractors offers a wide variety of customized Interior paint and finish options designed to suite any palette or style

Faux Finishing

Faux finishes are an interior painting style that has received a lot of attention in the past couple of years. They are quickly becoming a favorite for many homeowners as a soft and natural looking finish for the walls of their homes. Faux finishes, as the name implies, are an imitation of textures and styles often found in natural materials.

There are two basic types of faux finishes: glaze and plaster. Plaster is a three dimensional finish, whereas, glaze is flat, smooth, and mimics three dimensional textures. A Plaster finish is a three dimensional layer which is applied in the desired texture and then finished with a layer of paint to complete the faux finish look.

Faux Finishing

A Glaze finish is a mixture of translucent glaze and color paint which is applied with rags, sponges, rollers, and brushes. When applied this way the glaze mixture will be randomly distributed, creating a soft streaked or marbled effect.

Faux marbleizing and faux graining are two of the most common patterns to apply glazing finishes. They can be used to imitate surfaces such as those found in marble, wood, leather, and cloth. AAA Group Contractors can apply any faux finish you wish to see on your interior walls.

Our professional and skilled team can transform your boring mono tone walls into soft and appealing textures reminiscent of your favorite natural surfaces.