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AAA Group Contractors offers an extensive selection of Exterior painting and finishing options tailor to suite your needs.

House Painters Chicago

Exterior home painting encompasses all painted surfaces of the home’s exterior. Exterior painting is extremely important for maintaining a home’s exterior surfaces and appearance. Exterior paint protects the home from weather, moisture, and insects. Exterior painting can be applied to match existing paint or can be applied in different color to give your homes a new and exciting look. There are many components of a home’s exterior that may need painting such as: trim, window frames, shutters, gutters, doors, and most notably siding. Siding can be matched to the other components or can be a separate color entirely, lending to a contrasting effect that can make windows, shutters, and trim stand out from the rest of the home.

House Painters Chicago

Exterior home painting is also a cost effective solution to siding and gutter replacement. Painting can revitalize these components, extending their life and adding to their durability. Exterior painting is difficult for most home owners to do without the right equipment. Contrary to popular belief brushes and rollers do not properly apply exterior paint and can result in drips, streaks, and an uneven coating. This can lead to cracking and peeling which is unsightly and will ultimately need to be repainted. Exterior painting should be done with a paint sprayer, giving your home and even paint coat that is free of drips and resistant to peeling and cracking.

AAA Group Contractors are qualified and professional painters equipped with the proper tools and skills to complete your exterior painting and get your house looking its best.