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Hanging Drywall is an important step in having finished rooms. A drywall install can be a tedious and difficult task. Achieving a seamless consistency where the drywall meets up is the ultimate goal. The best installations are always the ones that you can’t notice. Drywall is primarily applied to the stud substructure with screws, fitting them close to avoid gaps, as they will only create more work later.


After the walls are covered, the drywall finishing work begins. Drywall finishing work is arguably the most important process towards a smooth, seamless wall. While a proper base is essential, finishing work completes the appearance. Drywall finishing is aimed at removing any gaps between the joints and creating smooth corners. A thinner, initial layer of compound is first applied over the gaps and joints. Next, joint tape is applied over these areas sticking to the initial compound layer. A final, wider span of compound is then applied over the region and smoothed. The key is to properly “bed” the tape between the compound layers to achieve a smooth transition, without bumps between the joints.

After the drywall joint compound is dry, a final sanding will complete the look. Drywall compound is soft, so sanding must be done carefully to avoid reaching the tape embedded between the compound layers.

Drywall installation and finishing can be exceedingly difficult. AAA group contractors have the skills to make your walls looking seamless and great the first time.