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AAA Group Contractors offers a wide variety of customized Interior paint and finish options designed to suite any palette or style

Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair is a relatively easy task that is very difficult to master. A good repair will blend seamlessly into the surrounding wall, while a bad repair will be raised from the wall and easy to spot. Though these repairs can be done by the homeowner, it is best to leave dry wall repair to the professionals.

Drywall & Wallboard Repair

Professional drywall repairs will be unnoticed and invisible once complete. Professionals are also capable of doing large repairs that many homeowners may not be able to handle. Small repairs are started by removing any loose gypsum or paper backing, and cleaning the area for repair, then patching and painting. Large repairs however, are a bit more complicated. To begin large repairs damaged drywall is removed with a saw leaving a hole with clean edges. Next, a patch is cut and affixed to the remaining drywall with screws and metal tabs. The edges between the patch and wall are then covered with a fiberglass mesh. Lastly, this mesh is covered in plaster and sanded to match the surrounding wall, and then it is painted over.

AAA Group Contractors have the skills and experience to make your damaged wall new again. Our skilled team can fill and repair any wall damage you may have.