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Commercial Roofing

Roofing is a major component of new construction for commercial sites and AAA Group Contractors are trained to perform installations of all types of commercial roofing systems. Much like in a residence, the roof of a commercial building provides insulation and protection from the weather and water but is constructed with different roofing systems to accommodate the bigger buildings and more demanding conditions of a commercial site. The three main types of commercial roofing systems are built-up roofing (BUR), single ply roofing (SPS), and modified bitumen (MB) roofing.

The first and oldest type of commercial roofing system is built-up roofing. This roofing system has been used commercially for over 150 years and works best on buildings with a flat or low slope roof structure. BUR systems are made from multiple layers of roof felts that are laminated together with layers of bitumen which is a black, oily substance similar to asphalt. The roofing felts used in BUR systems are typically made of bitumen-saturated organic fiber, fiberglass, or polyester felt. The top surface of a BUR roof is coated with an asphalt glaze, aggregate gravel, or other coating types made for roof coating. The major advantages of this type of system are in its longevity and superior waterproof qualities. The bitumen used to layer the roofing felts is a waterproof material that prevents water from seeping in and causing structural damage, thus contributing to the longevity of the roof. The BUR system tends to be more costly at first but the thick covering of this roofing type will outlast other roofing types and can be maintained for an even longer life.

The next type of commercial roofing system is single ply roofing. Single ply roofing systems have increased in popularity and provide a level of flexibility that BUR systems do not. These roofing systems consist of flexible, synthetic polymer sheets that are versatile enough for use on many types of commercial roof designs. These sheets have a consistent membrane that is waterproof as well as reflective for a cool roof surface that reflects the sun’s rays to increase the cooling efficiency of a building and reduce the energy costs. Other advantages of single ply roofing include its wide range of applications for any type of commercial building or new construction and its durability. Insulation can also be added to single ply roofing systems to increase its performance and longevity.

The final type of commercial roofing system is modified bitumen roofing. Modified bitumen (MB) roofs are asphalt based and quite similar to BUR systems. MB systems are designed for low-slope or flat roofs like BUR systems but they consist of asphalt blended with synthetic rubberized polymers as opposed to asphalt put through a blowing process as in BUR systems. This asphalt polymer blend gives MB systems certain advantages such as more resistance to brittleness in cold weather, more flow resistance in hot weather, and higher elasticity than BUR systems. MB systems also have many surfacing options including mineral and gravel surfaces and cool roof coatings designed to reflect the rays of the sun and help lower a building’s cooling costs. The mineral and gravel surfaces are available in different colors to match the design of the building. Another advantage of MB systems is the variety of ways in which they can be installed. MB systems can be installed with torch-application methods similar to BUR systems or they can be installed over a layer of polymer adhesives that adhere to the underside of the asphalt-polymer surface. This process is much safer as it eliminates the need to use torches that heat the asphalt and produce VOC fumes.

AAA Group Contractors Inc. provides installation services for these types of commercial roofing systems for existing commercial buildings and new construction sites. Our licensed contractors can also offer their guidance on deciding which type of roofing system and materials will best serve the specific building. Call AAA Group Contractors Inc. for further information on the advantages of each commercial roofing type.