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AAA Group Contractors offers an extensive selection of Exterior painting and finishing options tailor to suite your needs.


Caulking is a service almost every home could use. Caulking is an important, often unnoticed feature in the modern home. Silicone caulking helps seal your home from outside air and moisture by closing small holes and gaps around windows and doors. These holes and gaps cause your home to lose temperature to the outside air.


This causes your heating and cooling appliances to work over time trying to maintain a steady temperature. Caulking these holes and gaps will save you money and prolong the life of your heating and cooling appliances. This process should be done every year or so to prevent this lose of air temperature. Caulking also helps keep water, dirt, dust and insects from entering your home.

Before a gap can be filled, the surrounding area must be cleaned and any old caulk must be removed.

Caulking is an easy step in improving your homes energy efficiency while reducing heating and cooling costs. It can also help reduce mold and mildew in your home caused by moisture entering the home through these small cracks.

AAA Group Contractors are the ideal professionals for all your caulking needs and can create a smooth unnoticed seal over any gap or hole in your home’s exterior.