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Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is often the key to make an outdated kitchen look new again. Cabinet refinishing is often a lengthy process with many required steps to achieve the finished look and style. This process can dramatically alter the look of your kitchen, or can simply clean up your worn cabinets restoring them to their original luster.

Cabinet Refinishing

Many modern cabinets are a fiber board or composite material; these materials are difficult to refinish and should simply be replaced. Wood is the ideal cabinet material for refinishing and can be refinished in many different styles to match any desired design scheme.

Wood cabinets can be refinished by staining and painting. To begin this process, the doors, handles, and hardware are removed. Then the cabinets are sanded and finally pained or finished. While this alone is enough to radically change the look of the cabinets, it can be enhanced further by applying new hardware and handles.

Some cabinets may require new doors as well as hardware to fit the desired look. AAA Group Contractors is a skilled and professional cabinet refinishing company. Our extensive cabinet experience will help you create the cabinet design and look that you want for your home. AAA Group Contractors can refinish any cabinet in any style you can dream up.