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AAA Group Contractors offers an extensive selection of Exterior painting and finishing options tailor to suite your needs.

Brick Painting

Brick Painting is a great way to revitalize your worn bricks or to change the color of your bricks to match your home. Brick painting can brighten and enhance damaged of faded bricks without you having to replace them. Bricks must be painted with a specially formulated paint called elastomeric paint. This paint functions as a brick stain soaking deep into the brick surface.

Brick Painting

Since bricks are porous, they generally require additional coats and prep work to achieve the desired effect. Before bricks can be painted, they must be thoroughly cleaned. This can be very time consuming, especially if your bricks are covered in soot or efflorescence (a salt deposit caused by rain). Once cleaned, cracks in the bricks must be filled with acrylic or silicone based caulk and any missing mortar must be repaired.

When this preparatory work is complete, the paint is applied and recoated to achieve the desired color. When the proper color is achieved, a glaze must be applied to the bricks to seal them and retain the color of the paint. Brick painting is a job that is perfect for the professionals at AAA Group Contractors.

If painted improperly, bricks will need years of maintenance and will require many successive paintings. AAA Group Contractors can ensure your bricks are properly painted and will remain so for years to come.