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Basement Concrete Coating & Sealing

Basement concrete coating is something that takes a lot of time and work. Floors must be cleaned, resurfaced, and then refinished. This is often a very difficult task for the busy homeowner and requires some expensive equipment that just isn’t practical for the homeowner to purchase.

Concrete basement floors are porous and while they keep a basement dry, they are not waterproof and can crack when water is trapped in the floor for long periods of time. Concrete sealing is a key step in maintaining an attractive and crack-free basement floor. This process also gives the floor a clean and glossy appearance as well as a smooth pore free surface that is easier to clean and maintain. Decorative concrete coatings can also be applied to basement floors. These coatings can give your basement floors a look that will add interest and unity to your basement.

Basement coatings can be simple single colors or can be multi colored coatings giving your basement floor the look and feel of materials like: granite, sandstone, and many more. Refinished floors can make a dramatic style change to any basement floor and can improve the look of your basement without breaking your budget.

Whether its refinishing or simply waterproofing, AAA Group Contractors are the skilled experts of choice for all your basement floor refinishing needs.